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John Bohan


I have been an entrepreneur my entire life having run lemonade stands as a kid, a painting business in college and then an events management company in NYC in my early 20’s.   In my late 20’s I got into the dot com business and rode the wave from ’94 - 2002 founding one of the first ad networks and leading it to a public offering on NASDAQ. I then jumped back into the events business and started a conference company that focused on new marketing conferences for traditional companies producing about 100 events in the U.S and Europe. While running the events biz, I started Motion.TV about the same time as the YouTube to aggregate video across the web.   My latest company, Socialtyze, has been telling brand stories in social since 2007 with the desire to completely disrupt the face of advertising as we know it.





  • “John Bohan is one of VMA Media's TOP speakers. Every time he is on stage he presents original, thought provoking material that marketers aren’t getting anywhere else. Even better, John's presentation style is relaxed, funny, and a crowd favorite. We plan to have him back again and again.”

    Josh Messinger - President, VMA Media
  • “As an advisor to Socialtyze for 2 years, I can attest to the remarkable results that John and his company are generating for brands. ”

    Clyde Ostler - Former Vice Chairman and CFO of Wells Fargo
  • “I had the pleasure to work with John in producing several conferences that evangelized new marketing ideas for traditional companies. He’s a true digital pioneer who is now helping to disrupt marketing through social media.”

    Geoffrey Ramsey - Chairman & Co-Founder, eMarketer
  • "John is a visionary leader in the social media space, Socialtyze is having huge success ensuring large brands maximize the value of Social Data to make impactful business decisions. John's industry knowledge and insight is a must have for your growth plans"

    John Donnelly III, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, Crimson Hexagon
  • “I have marketed over a dozen movies with John and his Socialtyze team and they are clearly the best when it comes to executing paid social media for the studios. By utilizing the Socialtyze insights, technology and dedicated staff, we are able to optimize our creative in real time. This provides us with significant savings each campaign and allows us to find the right audience for our movies through data and testing.”

    Asli Taylor - Executive Vice President, Digital Marketing at Relativity Europa Distribution